Economic Energy Solutions is devoted to helping our customers save money and making the world a better place for both current and future generations.

We offer premium quality equipment professionally installed in a timely manner with prices and financing options that make sense. ​It is no secret that solar energy is one of the primary solutions to combat climate change.  Now that solar energy costs less than doing nothing, we need your help spreading the word to potential customers. We want to convert as many people as possible to solar energy so they can save money, and help save the environment.  It has been proven many times over that word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising, this is why we are happy to provide a higher referral bonus than our competitors with no extra cost to our customers. 

Referral Program​

How it works

You make money for helping your friends, family and aquaintences save money, it is that simple. If they buy a system from us, you get money, they get huge savings, and we all benefit from a healthier planet!


Residential / Commercial

Do you know any homeowners that have a PG&E electric bill?  Would you like to help them save money? Refer them to us for a free consultation!

Upon installation of a new solar electric generation system, you will earn a referral bonus of $0.10 per watt for your successful referral.  Most other referral programs only offer a flat rate of $200 per sale.

A typical size system for a home is 5000 watts meaning we would pay you $500 for an average referral. All you have to do is call to put us and your referrals together, there is no limit on how many you can refer or how much you can earn.

Why choose EEs?

The Bottom Line