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Our system has been up and running for 4 years!   We chose Economic Energy Solutions due to Gregg's extensive knowledge!  He was the only one to ask and realize we had an electric water heater.  For that reason, we not only did a PVA system but also a domestic hot water system.  Our system has outperformed projections each and every year!  We would highly recommend Greg and his company Economic Energy Solutions!

My husband and I received several quotes on solar systems for our home.  After reviewing all the quotes and recommendations, we decided to wait and replace our existing roof first. While we were replacing the roof, we received a call from Economic Energy Solutions.

The employees were courteous, organized, and thorough. They left the work area spotless. This may be a small company but they are very professional and completed the job as promised.  From obtaining the permits, hanging around in the pouring rain for the final inspection, to the ok from PG&E to turn the solar panels on was a positive experience with their employees and owner, Gregg Nielsen.  We are happy with our decision in having Economic Energy Solutions as our solar company.

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I talked to several of the big players in the industry and came away pretty unimpressed. The systems they wanted to install were too small and the cost per watt was too high.I called Gregg and told him what I wanted to do. He went to work and came back to me with a plan to pretty much cover my roof with every panel the fire department would let him stick up there and at a reasonable cost. It was just what I wanted and it actually made sense economically. I figured the ROI [return on investment] with static costs would be about 10 years, less as the cost of electricity rose.  The system was installed in the spring of 2012 and went active on July 3rd when PG&E finally got out to install a meter. The results have been spectacular. 

Our yearly energy costs have dropped from approximately $2400.00 a year for electricity to about $200 (That money is for taxes and fees).

My advice to prospective solar users is to do your homework then Call Gregg. Go for it and go big. Even if you don't plan on drastically increasing your electricity use, get a system with some room to spare. You will find a use for it. Let Gregg explain the options and figure it out. Economic Energy Solutions did a great job for us.

Gregg worked with my wife and I on our system.  We put 20 panels up and we are so happy that I think this coming year we are thinking we will look into adding more.  I was very happy working with Gregg. We had a number of people out here and Gregg was the one who took the time to really give us the information that we could understand.  I would recommend Economic Solutions and Gregg very time.