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Every dollar you spend on your electric bill is lost to you forever.  Just like paying rent on a house or an apartment, your money is going toward purchasing the utility companies assets and buying fuel to create the power.  Now that owning earth friendly solar electric generation equipment costs significantly less than dirty grid power, why not make the leap and start putting the money you are currently paying the utility back in your own pocket? Speak to a professional to learn more!

Financing options

There are several ways to invest in solar energy equipment.  The best and most lucrative way is to pay cash.  typical after tax returns on solar investments are 18% or more.  For those of us who don't have the capital required to pay cash there are financing options available such as the Placer County MPOWER program that allow home or business owners to make investments in energy efficiency and solar generation equipment for $0 down. Also qualification for these loans are not income or credit score based.  This and other P.A.C.E.(Property Assessed Clean Energy) Financing programs do not count against your personal credit or tie up your otherwise available credit limits and the interest you pay is typically tax deductible. To learn more about the Placer County MPOWER P.A.C.E. Financing program please click on the link to the left.  To learn more about other methods of financing your solar energy independence please contact us.

Stop Renting Electricity

Stop Renting Electricity