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Solar Energy Savings

Energy Savings

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Many California homeowners, from almost all income classes, have begun to compromise their comfort levels in an effort to avoid uncomfortably high utility bills. Due to ever increasing utility rates, even the most diligent efforts won't alleviate the problem for long. 

By installing your own solar electric generation system you will be diverting those dollars that are currently going to the electric company and investing them in your own solar equipment. 

In most cases, the total yearly cost of your solar loan payments, plus the little bit you still pay the electric company for the privilege of being connected to the grid, are less than you are currently spending to essentially rent your electricity.  

In addition to immediate cost savings, owning your solar electric generation system will allow you to avoid the inevitable inflation of energy rates. The best part is, once your system has paid for itself, all of the energy it produces for decades afterward is FREE! 

Solar Energy Systems provide such a good return on investment you will wish your other investments could do half as well. The solar industry is growing by leaps and bounds.  However, as you might imagine the exponential growth of independently owned solar generation systems is a threat to the utility companies profitability.

There is now a growing movement on the part of many utility companies to slow or even halt the growth of Independently owned solar generation systems allowed to connect to the grid.  Some utilities have gone as far as to ban any future systems from being connected to the grid forcing any future solar adopters to disconnect themselves from the grid, buy batteries to store their energy for later use and upsize their systems to produce more than 100% of their annual consumption to cover a worst-case scenario. This policy makes solar impractical for most homes and businesses.  Although most utility companies have not yet gone that far in their fight to halt solar adoption there are new less beneficial net metering policies currently being developed and will be implemented in the very near future.  Although we do not yet know exactly what the details will be, it is clear that the early adopters of solar energy will be grandfathered in for the next 20 years under the current more beneficial policies. 

If you are interested in generating your own electricity and taking control of your future energy costs time is not on your side.  In addition to the inevitably limited quantity of interconnections, the utility companies will allow the 30% Federal tax credit will expire at the end of 2019 and all residential tax credits will be gone by the end of 2021.  With $0 down financing available, there is no reason to allow yourself to be literally left in the cold. You owe it to yourself to collect the information and make an informed decision as to whether or not solar is right for you. We truly believe you will be glad you did.  

The most cost-effective way to go solar is by purchasing your own system.  The average homeowner saves over $1000 a year on electricity by installing solar panels on their roof; that’s including the cost of the solar loan payments. Instead of paying the utility company you can pay less and buy the equipment necessary to produce your own energy forever.

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