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The Economic Benefits

By installing your own Solar Electric Generating Equipment, you will be doing your part to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. An average sized residential solar system has the same environmental impact as planting 3,821 trees.  It prevents the equivalent of 6,392 lbs of coal being burnt per year, or the equivalent of not driving an average car 13,120 miles per year.  Solar Electric Generation Systems are powered by the sun and are completely clean and renewable, once you have installed your own system you can sleep well knowing you are part of the solution to climate change. Here are just a few benefits of solar electricity:

  • produces no emissions, reducing greenhouse gases
  • makes use of California's most abundant natural resource - sunshine
  • Saves you and your family money every month
  • Once the system has paid for itself, the energy it produces from that point onward is FREE!  

Modern society is currently extremely dependent on electricity generated by oil, coal and natural gas, all of which contribute to greenhouse gas buildup in the environment. Our homes, vehicles and technologies all require immense amounts of energy.  Unfortunately fossil fuel supplies are finite and will continue to escalate in price. Sunshine, however, isn't disappearing anytime soon.  Once you own the equipment required to turn sunshine into electricity, it will continue to produce clean greenhouse gas free electricity forever, no fuel necessary.

Now that owning solar electric generation equipment is less expensive than doing nothing at all, ask yourself honestly what is stopping you from making the change?  Write down all of your concerns and call us to discuss them.  We will give you honest professional answers and help you determine if solar is indeed right for you and your family.  We have found that in most cases the reason some people haven't made the switch is  because of unanswered questions and the fear and uncertainty that surrounds them.  You owe it to yourself your family and the future health of our planet to get the answers you need in order to make an informed decision that is right for you.


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Go Green & Save Green

The Environmental Benefits

What do you want for your children?

​A real solution to a real problem

How much you'll save exactly depends on several factors, how much energy you currently use, the average rate per kWh you currently pay, whether the system has been properly sized for your needs, your Utility companies average rate of electricity inflation and how much energy a Solar Electric System of a given size can produce in your unique mounting location.  The amount of energy a Solar Electric Generation System can produce depends on several factors:

  • It's capacity/size in Kilowatts
  • the efficiency level of the panels and inverter solution 
  • the panels' orientation relative to the sun
  • how well the system is maintained
  • how clean the panels are kept
  • the weather

At Economic Energy Solutions we have the expertise and tools to give you an accurate assessment of how Investing in Solar Electric Generation Equipment can benefit you and your family.  We will evaluate your property to determine the best location to install your system, and work with you to determine the best size system for your families needs both now and in the future