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Grid Parity and Beyond

Residential / Commercial

Surpassing Grid Parity

Our equipment prices are as good as anyone out there, and much better than most. We routinely install systems that perform so well for our customers their levelized cost of energy is only $0.12 per kWh.  

PG&E's lowest tier rate is currently over $0.18, their highest tier is more than $0.37 per kWh plus these rates typically increase every 3 months. This means you can be buying your own solar equipment and be saving between 33% to more than 67% of what you were paying PG&E for their electricity during your payoff period. Every installation is slightly different, but it is a sure bet you can lock in a much lower cost of energy, add value to your home, reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, and gain energy independence for yourself and your family.  Best of all once the system has paid for itself the future energy it produces is FREE!

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